Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Meditations on My Masonic Ring

 Meditations On My Masonic Ring

Authored by Arbon C. Ransom

Reviewed and edited by Gary Robert's and Jason Lee 

    On the top of my masonic ring is the Compass that makes the divine circle in which bounds one should stay. With it one is able to make the Square. If one uses a compass to draw a circle and then draws a straight line from one side of the circle to the other, that passes through the center point, they will now have two additional points where the line starts and ends on the circumference of the circle. A fourth point may now be arbitrarily chosen on the circle’s boundary. If this point is connected with straight lines to the end points of the dissecting line made earlier, one will have made a right or square angle. Thus, the angle of the square comes from and can be tested by a circle. It is fitting that the Square of morality and virtue is contained and formed within and beneath the circle, or compass. Ethics and morality are determined by what is self-evident, sacred, and inviolable. In the middle of these parts, of the properly lived and examined life, is the letter G. It represents the Name of God. It is also fitting that this virtuous and controlled life would be centered around a Supreme Being, or transcendent Good.

    We can trace the Name of God back to many different and ancient cultures where it was considered to be a source of great power. Among the ancient Hebrews, it was believed that the proper utterance of the Ineffable Name of God by one who is worthy would result in the working of great miracles, or the power of God being manifest on the earth. So perhaps it is within the life lived by the Square and Compass that the power of God or the Divine is found. What is this power? The GAOTU designs, creates, and dictates all things. He is the Logos that harnessed truth to speak potential into being, and saw that it was good. When we live according to divine principles determining our actions we discover, or it is revealed to us, that the Divine or the creative is within us and can be manifested. If we speak and act out Truth we will turn the potential within and around us into something good. How else are we to be expected to truly transform ourselves from a rough ashlar into a smooth one? This is something simple, yet I believe it to be one of the enlightened principles and secrets that Freemasonry offers to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. When we truly realize our potential, we begin to act for ourselves and not be acted upon. We realize that life is not meant to be squandered by being a piece in someone else’s game.

    So, when I look at that ring on my finger I am reminded of who I truly am and of what I am capable. 

Meditations on My Masonic Ring

  Meditations On My Masonic Ring Authored by Arbon C. Ransom Reviewed and edited by Gary Robert's and Jason Lee       On the top of my m...