Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Purpose of this Blog

Fraternal greetings,

The goal of Freemasonry is to make good men better. To take something rough and turn it perfect. This process is ultimately an individual journey, but Freemasonry should provide the framework to help its members make that progress. The question therefore becomes; what is that framework? How do we actually make good men better? If we cannot answer this question then we cannot truly call ourselves Masons.

In times of old, when instruction was needed, the master workman would draw his plans and designs upon a trestle board to give the workers an outline of the work to be performed. So, too, is the intent of this newsletter. To provide our brother Masons with the opportunity to explore the question of how we make good men better. As members read texts, gain education, and explore the mysteries of Masonry, we would invite those members to share some of that knowledge here. To write down what they have learned and how they have applied it in their lives.

By necessity, some knowledge may only be explored in the light within the walls of our lodge and we do not want to publicly share more than we should. To this end, we request that any submission to this newsletter be first read and edited by at least two (2) Master Masons. Their task being to ensure both quality of prose and restraint in revelation. With their approval, the document may then be submitted to whomever is currently running the website (currently: Carl Ellsworth) to provide final approval or to be returned to the author for further editing.

This is not a social media platform. This is not an occasion to make suggestions on what to read or expound on something “cool” that was recently experienced. Instead, we intend that this takes on a form similar to that of an academic, peer-reviewed journal or publication. A place where brothers can work together to share what they have learned for the benefit of all, in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. We want to make a place for deep musings and intellectual pontification. That is why it must be read by two Master Masons before posting, why it must be approved before being accepted. We may not be perfect, but as Masons, we demand quality.

In humble testament of this goal, we present the following articles as exemplars of what we hope to be included herein:

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