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Harmony Lodge No. 21 - 2021 Annual Lodge Historical Report

2021/6061 (our 105th year) has been an interesting masonic year of growth for Harmony Lodge No. 21 and its members. Worshipful Master Andrew Lonero started his second year in the east with a bang continuing and focusing on the care of the brethren who are members of our beloved lodge through the COVID-19 pandemic. Care was taken with coordination of the Logan Masonic Temple board to put protocols in place to protect the brethren from infection while still allowing us to meet and conduct lodge business and conduct degrees. The Temple Board also met to start planning efforts to install baseboards in the lodge room, Tyler's room, and banquet room of our beloved building and conduct future planning for the lodge building and lodge finances.

Building on the success of Zoom meetings that were conducted the year prior, the lodge continued to meet online monthly for the first half of the year. This allowed members of our lodge to see and greet many familiar faces of brothers who now live in other jurisdictions. Great discussions were had as well as even better discourses and discussions were shared. Interested gentlemen were also invited to attend which allowed them to get to know the brothers of the Lodge and the brethren to get to know them in return.

A couple of lodge by-laws changes were presented to the brethren. The first was to change the life membership terms to match those listed in Grand Lodge’s bylaws. This was later approved by the brethren and Grand Lodge. Another was an addition to having alcohol removed from the lodge when brothers were present. This was approved by the brothers, but rejected by Grand Lodge as there are already Grand Lodge by-laws that govern this. Worshipful Master Lonero gave his appreciation for those who proposed these by-laws as it gave our lodge the opportunity to discuss them and learn and review the process for making by-laws changes.

Our Grand Master and several members of his line held a visitation during our stated meeting in February. A great discourse was had and the evening was enjoyed by all in attendance. Many questions were asked (both of the brethren and by our Grand Master) and illuminating answers were received helping to clarify and enlighten.

Minor repairs were made to our building including fixing several leaks in the plumbing, clearing rubbish from around the building, adding a stair railing to the entrance of the building, shoveling snow, mowing, deep cleaning the building, moving a brother into his new home, installing the base boards, and cleaning the roof of the lodge. Several work parties were formed to do the work. Many members helped and contributed resources that greatly reduced the costs of these efforts having to be borne by the lodge. The brethren used these work parties as an opportunity to get together shoulder to shoulder, labor together, and grow the links that bind our brothers together outside our regular stated meeting and degree work.

Brothers continued to progress their degree knowledge at every opportunity. Most Tuesday nights, practices and catechism work was held in order to be better prepared to open and close our lodge and conduct each of the degrees as well as to progress our candidates. Their efforts paid off as several new masons were well pleased with their experiences.

Degree work also progressed with interested gentlemen petitioning to be elected to receive the Three Degrees of Freemasonry.  Three gentlemen were initiated with two brothers being passed, and one now ready to be raised.  At Harmony Lodge we truly had an effort “of who best can work and best agree.” It has been wonderful to witness this and is reflected upon our lodge coin of “How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”. 

Under the direction of Worshipful Cliff Hunter, PM, the lodge has restarted holding a Cribbage and Philosophy meetup every Saturday morning early in the AM hours. Several brothers and prospective members are attending, having coffee and other warm beverages. The discussion and brotherhood has been great and the event is very much enjoyed. The plan is for this great tradition to continue.

A St. John’s Feast and Festive board was held during the summer. The lodge used this as an opportunity to raise funds for the Cache Valley Food Pantry. Formal invitations were sent out to members of the lodge asking for a donation for each plate. The meal was catered by a local chef. The costs of the meal were covered by a donation from one of our brothers thus allowing all the funds per plate to be donated to the food pantry. A total of $1,000 was given. Later in the year additional food donations and donated funds were also delivered to the food pantry. 

We look forward to another great Masonic year. 

Peace and Harmony prevailing, 

Gary Roberts, Junior Warden

Kurt Payne, Senior Warden

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